maria mohr film

sparrows and strolls

sparrows and strolls

„dance of fans in a park in kreuzberg. sounds of the city. walks through cemeteries, crossroads, mirrors. walks as trains of thought – berlin thoughts about writing and the dead, about sparrows and the world day of all things.“ (ZEBRA poetry film festival)

commissioned by DAAD artists-in-berlin program, supported by deutschlandradio

germany / 2021 / 11 min / script: marko pogačar
vimeo: link on request

am weltrand I-III (on the brink of the world I-III) Still

am weltrand I-III (on the brink of the world I-III)

an artistic chain reaction. poems become songs, songs become films. roman sun provides the activation energy. on the brink of the world one last mechanical rabbit is waving.
a shortfilm-trilogy with compositions by hauke berheide (am weltrand, 2012) after poems by steffen popp (from: kolonie zur sonne (2008) and wie alpen (2004), editor: kookbocks, idstein)

germany / 2014 / 16 min
vimeo: link on request

ingrid und rafael

brother sister

"A bold construct of siblinghood: worldly, in the family, and spiritual, in monasteries and convents and in the devotion to God. An unusual take on freedom and religion."
(53rd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary Film)

germany / 2010 / 90 min

cousin cousine

cousin cousine (cousins)

cousins. words between chairs. voice to the piano. fingertips grope sense. bridges too high. personal collage about a hidden and hiding love.

germany / 2005 / 20 min

k kumbh kali

k kumbh kali

what is more real?
the cow in front of the hotel door
or kisses via internet ?

a trip to india. time floats. the places with. parallel times. parallel worlds. the me: the only constant. unknown. more easy to find the me that feels itself. here and now. the me thinks ‘K’ far away. parallel universe. place of the overlapping. the internet-café.

germany / 2002 / 7 min
vimeo: k kumbh kali